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Chemical minimisation – Alpha CPS reduces use of chemicals by replacing with The chemical-free cleaning system turns ordinary tap water into Ozone on-the-spot with a continuous flow to fill spray bottles, mop buckets, carpet extractors, and auto scrubbers. Ozone stabilised for up to 24 hours and 50% stronger than chlorine bleach.

  • Certified by HACCP as a food-safe and suitable aid to cleaning and sanitation.
  • Eliminates adverse reactions to chemicals for people with allergens.
  • Environmental friendly.

Best Practices in Sustainability & Green Facility Management
  • Environmentally sustainable, cleans, deodorises, sanitises, and disinfects naturally
  • Aqueous Ozone returns to water and oxygen at the end of its life cycle
  • On demand production:
    1. (a) Reduction and elimination of chemical bottles sent to waste or recycle
    2. (b) Reduction and elimination of on-site chemical inventory
  • Compatible with existing machinery and work process
  • Not adding any toxic chemicals to the indoor environment
  • Improved worker safety:
    1. (a) Occupational Health and Safety Programs and policies
    2. (b) Risk management initiatives
  • Qualified 3rd party certifications and approvals