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Alpha CPS’s comprehensive Healthcare Cleaning Programs are monitored using the latest technology and reporting via the Alpha Online System (AOS) which includes GPS tracking. Online time and attendance tracks staff location via the AOS mobile app which recognises the employees’ location, mapped by the use of GPS technology. Parameters are set when cleaners are to start and finish their shift. If an employee has not logged on or off during these shift times, an alert will be sent to the rostered operations supervisor. This ensures, and records, movement to monitor the location of employees and ensure staff safety at all times.


Alphas CPS’s Healthcare Cleaning Program is based on standards set by State Government Health Departments, Australia. Hospitals, medical clinics, and operating theatres will have a detailed specification in line with these standards and will be supported by fully trained staff with the importance of infection control, colour coded equipment, disinfection and daily reporting to comply with healthcare standards. Hospital grade disinfectants will be used as per manufacturer’s instructions and all microfibre cloths will be laundered after each use. Alpha CPS will work closely with clients to ensure recycling waste streams and environmental objectives are achieved and bio-hazard waste is stored and disposed of correctly.

Chemical minimisation – Alpha CPS reduces use of chemicals by replacing with Stabilised Aqueous Ozone technology utilising only water. Chemicals, when used, are Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) approved. Alpha CPS works closely with clients to ensure recycling waste streams and environmental objectives are achieved including bio hazardous waste.

  • Staff are fully trained and issued wok instructions based on specifications.
  • Our staff are fully supported by supervisors to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Staff have a distinctive uniform, photo ID, and our custom AOS mobile app to enable communication and protect the safety of staff working alone.
  • All staff hold a current Working with Children Check, Police check and are fully double vaccinated.