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Cleaning Initiatives

Home Sustainability Cleaning Initiatives

Some of the environmental practices we follow and initiatives we will encourage our clients to adopt are:

  • Use Stabilised Aqueous Ozone technology utilising to clean glass using deionised water in replacement of chemicals, wherever possible.
  • Turning off lights after we have cleaned a room
  • Reduce the variety of chemicals, use chemical dispensing systems to reduce overuse and use biodegradable and GECA approved chemicals.
  • Use chemical concentrates to reduce packaging and transport impacts.
  • Use FSC approved recycled paper products and paper made from sustainable methods.
  • Buy good quality, efficient and durable equipment. Follow manufacturers recommended preventative maintenance program.
  • Use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter fitted to improve air quality and reduce airborne irritants.
  • Use re-washable colour-coded microfibre mops and cloths.
  • Substitute portable, rechargeable auto scrubbers for conventional mops and buckets where appropriate. This will reduce water and chemical use, reduce fatigue and improve cleaning performance.
  • Work collaboratively with clients to improve recycling practices.
  • Introduce jumbo toilet rolls and bulk consumable dispensers if appropriate.
  • Promote the use of large, front entrance mats to reduce soil entering a building.
  • Promote a standard size waste bin so the variety of disposable waste bags is reduced.