Alpha CPS’s comprehensive Grounds Maintenance Programs are monitored using the latest technology and reporting via the Alpha Online System (AOS) which includes GPS tracking. Online time and attendance tracks staff location via the AOS mobile app which recognises the employees’ location, mapped by the use of GPS technology. Parameters are set when cleaners are to start and finish their shift. If an employee has not logged on or off during these shift times, an alert will be sent to the rostered operations supervisor. This ensures, and records, movement to monitor the location of employees and ensure staff safety at all times.

Our skilled garden care teams maintain small-or-Large-scale grounds, garden beds, trim trees and scrubs and even create new landscapes.

We can build
retaining walls, create pathways and outdoor entertainment areas, help you harvest rainwater and install automatic sprinkler systems.

Lawn care: Our Lawn Maintenance Program includes regular mowing, fertilizing, weeding and aerating. We can even arrange for existing, tired lawns to be removed and replaced with new turf. We can cut small and medium sized lawns or broad acreage grounds.


Replanting garden beds: We can help with advice on suitable plants, prepare the garden beds, plant, feed, water and maintain the garden beds for you to ensure a great display.

Trim trees & shrubs: Our skilled garden team can safely trim trees and shape shrubs and hedges. We can even arrange to lop or remove large trees, grind the stumps and remove the leaf litter and cut timber.

Remove leaves & rubbish:
When it’s time to remove accumulated leaf litter, rubbish and waste, our team can take care of it for you. We can shred the leaves, twigs and branches and return it to the garden as mulch or remove it for you.

Garden mulch:
We can prepare the garden beds and top them up with mulch to prevent weeds growing and help retain moisture. Our gardening team will provide you with advice on what’s best for maintaining the garden beds at your property. That includes pebbles, fine or course mulch or compost.

Landscaping projects:
Our experienced landscaping professionals can redesign, create, and maintain landscape projects. We can handle every step for you including selecting and planting out the new landscape.

Rainwater tanks:
Our trade services can install rainwater tanks and connect them to plumbing and watering systems for you to ensure compliance and efficient use of stored rainwater irrigation systems.

Watering systems:
We can maintain, repair or install automated watering systems tailored for your gardens, lawns and grounds.

Concrete pathways and driveways, pavers or crushed rock paths can be created or enhanced for you. We have skilled tradespeople who work together with our landscaping team to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Retaining walls:
Our landscapers can construct retaining walls from timber, stone or concrete, tailoring the design and drainage to suit the demands of the site.

Roof gutter garden-care:
Our garden-care system uses industrial wet & dry vacuums with carbon-fibre extension wands and remote cameras to remove leaf litter and debris from roof gutters up to three stories high. The stored video images provide a unique view of the guttering to identify any maintenance issues. It’s quick, safe and doesn’t require ladders, lifts or scaffolding so there is minimal disruption to pedestrians.

Pressure washing:
Hot-water and cold-water pressure washing will remove moss, lichen and soil from decking, paths and outdoor entertainment areas. Our maintenance team can even apply a fresh protective coating to the deck and outdoor furniture.

Staff are fully trained and issued wok instructions based on specifications.
Our staff are fully supported by supervisors to achieve desired outcomes.
Staff have a distinctive uniform, photo ID, and our custom AOS app to enable communication and protect the safety of staff working alone.
All staff hold a current Working with Children Check, Police check and are fully double vaccinated.